Friday, May 29, 2009


so, i've kinda abandoned this blog for a bit here. my apologizes. 
so here as the usual lame excuses:
really busy, had sketching internet connection, too tired, really lazy, didn't know what to say
would start entries, think they were stupid and delete them
oh yes, and i was working on my other blog (which is more fun then recounting my daily life)

so basically, here is the recap

i am no in lake george for the summer, probably not going back to rochester, at least not for a while. i went home for a couple days here and there, got to see my friends, cram in as much 'summer' as i could. there was laughter, tears, high levels of stress and hair dye.

now i think that i'm actually going to be getting in a routine, a solid work schedule, a steady wake-up and go to bed schedule - eh, we'll see about that last one. but regardless, life will be getting more of a normal rhythm in comparison with what i've been living lately.

and hopefuly this will include more art time. :)

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