Wednesday, June 3, 2009

internet junkie

i didn't think that it was possible...
but since moving to new york i have become even more of an internet junkie. 

i have 8 websites the i check constantly
gmail, facebook, fml, tfln, twitter, one sentence, and my 2 blog home pages (tumblr and blogspot)

from there  - i follow 22 blogs on my tumblr and 8 blogs on my blogspot

next: i follow 31 webcomics

then i have 13 other websites that i check.

all of these are conveniently located in drop down lists on my book marks bar, meaning that with only a couple clicks i have all of them open. 

and the problem that i have is that i don't check them once a day. oh no. being home at night when every else is sleeping, i do nothing but check them repeatedly and i look for more things to follow. being up for 10pm to 3am, with no one to talk to and the inability to turn on the t.v. means that i spend a lot of time on the internet. 

i tried to ween myself off. i got some books to read. but they don't keep my attention for as long as i need them to. that and i submitted posts to other blogs and i keep checking to see if they posted them

it has gotten to the point where it is an illness - i must be stopped :/
but first....

let me check one last site...

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