Thursday, June 4, 2009

long day

today... hmmm... 
today i did a lot and accomplished nothing. and i am perfectly happen with that.

i spent the day taking care of toddler called Stinks and a 9 week old baby. played around with bubbled, went for a walk with a stroller (and by that i mean following Stinks as she pushed her baby doll around the yard) watched some crazy t.v. show that i still don't understand, but she enjoyed.
went to hostess for the night, and the restaurant was dead. over 3 hours i only sat 50 people. we had too many servers to begin with so i was able to get out of there early. woohooo.
which meant that i got to eat dinner with my rents, something that i haven't done in a very long time.
its one of those things where i feel like a ghost in this house. the only evidence of my existence is the door to my room and whatever pair of shoes i've left by the couch with my laptop. other than that, mum, dad and dana would have no idea that i was even here. i'm gone 5 to 10 - they get home around 6 and go to bed around 9 and they leave at the crack of dawn (so i'm never up.) we could go days with out seeing each other at this rate. 
so it was nice, to be able to sit at the island and have other people there. to not have to eat alone, in a quiet house, with just the t.v. for company. 
i told the rents that the other people who got out early were going to go party in town. they asked why i didn't go with them. they just don't get how much i miss the people that i live with - because i never see them.

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